Friday, November 19, 2010

I Play With Fabric

I play with fabric... honestly I think maybe you could have a form of therapy that is all about unfolding and refolding fat quarters in a slow even pace... when I am stressed.. this totally zones me out and brings my breathing back into a normal range..

Too much life and not enough quilting of late.. it makes Maddie a cranky girl!

Here is to hoping that tomorrow is holding lots of thread and stitches!


The Muse of The Day said...

Maddie - I have spent quite a bit of time reading your past posts here on your blog and realize that the next time I am with you I will be "walking amongst the gods" as they say. You know sooooo much. It is too bad that the transfer of brain knowledge from one brain to another takes so long. Just from your blogs, I have a lifetime of work ahead of me. Next time I see you I will be like the Japanese ... forever bowing lower than you. Carolina

Alicia said...

Great thoughts on refolding fabric to calm down. Can't wait to read more of your blog. Edmond highschool? is that in Oklahoma? and hey, I'm on networked blogs, too!

Anonymous said...

Wirklich informativ Blogpost hier mein Freund. Ich wollte nur sagen, Kommentieren und halten Sie die Qualität der Arbeit. Ich habe deinen Blog gerade jetzt und bookmarked Ich komme wieder, um in Zukunft mehr mein Freund zu lesen! Auch gut zum Thema Farben geht es gut mit dem Blog in meiner bescheidenen Meinung gewählt:)

Anonymous said...

Buona giornata DYNAMITE mio amico!

Sarah said...

I agree! There is nothing like going through your fabric stash! haha!