Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Hoot!

This little guy is the third design in the Sweet Charity Collection. Here he has been stitched out in a "thread-bare-patch style that is very popular with today's tweens, teens and hip mamas. His file will include modifications for "in the hoop" applique trimming and for just running him without applique fabric for a more graphic hand embroidered look perfect for a hip little baby doll t-shirt.

The features that give Little Hoot that popular "vintage cool" styling also make him very easy to produce. No need to trim closely in the hoop since after he is all done you are going to take your finger nail and ruffle the fabric that is peaking out to give him that time-loved look that is so popular these days. Look no further than stores like the Gap or Anthropologie for looks just like this one.

To celebrate the completion of this collection I will be gathering names from the comments sections of these post for a drawing.. so if you want a chance at a free copy of this collection please leave a comment! If you have other questions please contact me at

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Anonymous said...

These dolls are the cutist. I have a 6 yo GD that would love them. Best of luck on your sales. Jo Johnson (