Friday, July 31, 2009

Hip Clips

For those using Fast Frame and trying to avoid the use of sticky paper the world of clips and tape can become a bit obsessive. I am sure that the folks at Office Depot think I have a sick and un-natural love for office supplies given how often I stop in to scout out the aisles looking for items that could make embroidery easier. This week's trip netted these cute little clips that I am trying out today.

Made from a slightly pliable but strong plastic, they are easy to put on the frame and seem to have a pretty firm grip on the stabilizer and frame.

This seems to be some sort of house brand for office dept since the packaging information is all but non-existent. But at $2 for the package it seemed worth the gamble and I look forward to trying them out and seeing if they are another tool to add to my embroidery arsenal.

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