Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiny Tape Measures are Finally here!

Well that took a bit longer than I had expected and we had to throw up a temporary web site since the other one is not near done.. but I am happy to say that the Tiny Tape Measure collection #1 is done and ready for Sale. I also have in a stock of the METRO tape measures that this design collection is made for. Please stop by since I have a little cupcake freebie up on my site. It's been sized just right to go on a little girl's t-shirt or on a baby onsie.. make sure to come by and grab it from the design page at FRESH THREAD.


Betsy said...

The lady bug design is precious. Will the designs be available?

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to find the embroidery pattern [ladybug?] for the tiny tape measures . . . How do I purchase the pattern ? Or, any of the tapemeasure patterns you've shown ?