Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the road again.....

Ok... it seems like I just got home and I am on my way back out again... my, this makes me sound like SUCH a jetsetter..NOT.   This time it's the whole fam-damily and we are going to Tybee Island off the coast of GA for a Marine biology camp.  I am running around here like a chicken with my head lopped off trying to get ready and get the house ready for the housesitter.. I mean.. reeeaaaallllly?  Cleaning my house to go on vacation.. where is the mercy?

The week has been good but fast!... ran into an adorable blog reader at one of my local fabric haunts... she is new to embroidery and cute as a button.. she does hair ( yep I am talking about you!).. I need to go see her and see what she can do with mine!

I started a new quilted piece... not really a quilt so much as a piece of art that will be quilted.. not sure about showing it off here but it will be over on my Longarm Virgin Blog at some point.

I am teaching next week at Chattanooga Sewing... so if you dream of "blinging" up your embroidery  this is the class to learn it all!  We will be Hotifixing ourselves silly.. and I think there is room for one more in the class... so if you want to come play call Chattanooga Sewing and  get that last spot!

I finally saw my new article in Creative Machine Embroidery magazine and  saw my photo in the front!.. yikes.. looks like I am storing nuts for Winter in those cheeks!

I hope to have a holiday/winter type free file up real soon.
Happy trails!

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