Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gifty Thoughts

 Time is growing short till Valentie's Day but this time of the month money might also be growing a bit thin so thinking about fun, budget friendly  gifts can be a bit difficult!   How about a gift that will only cost you two sheets of card stock, and bit of ink and maybe a candy bar to go with it??

Free to download 
 ~ I Love You This Much Coupon Book ~

Filled with seven interchangable coupons just perfect for showing your love for free or for just a couple of bucks ( depending on which coupons you choose for your book!)

Two PDF files contain all the coupons you need including:
1 coupon for a video rental
1 $15 Itunes card
1 coupon for the front seat in the car for a week ( very popular with the pre- teens!)
1 coupon for getting out of doing the dishes for one night
1 ice cream cone
1 not cleaning up bedroom when mom asks coupon
1 staying up as late as you want on a non-school night

Use just the ones you want or use them all, print extras for some and omit others, it's up to you!

 After you print them out and cut them up  you can even perferate them with with this handy little tool that just might be in your sewing stuff!   Then stack them up.. staple them together and wrap them with a ribbon around a big old candy bar!

I hope you enjoy this!

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