Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rose Necklace, or what to do when you have a cold.

Not a whole lot of embroidery going on right now in the Fresh Thread Studio, I have fallen to the cold that my youngest children brought home from a winter camp weekend. Can't seem to concentrate long enough to do much good but it does give me a nice excuse to curl in a chair and do a little hand work.

This ribbon rose necklace is right on track fashion wise and I am glad to say that it did not cost near the $150 that I saw one just about like it going for in a local boutique!

For as much as I love embroidery I really like working with my hands so this was a very soothing project to work on as I wallow in the misery of a cold.
Want some inspiration of your own??
Have fun!.. and please pass me a tissue!

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Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

OOOOoooo! Fancy and Classy too. I love it!