Monday, March 1, 2010

Jumping in the time machine

So today we take a little jaunt in the time machine back to about a year ago when I made this uber cute dainty bag. Actually I made quite a few of these as very well received gifts and am thinking about doing some more of them but this time with a monogram on the front.

This pattern was inspired by my grandmother who use to coordinate every part of her outfit and each outfit with all accessories was hung together in her closet. This was of total fascination to me and I remember it with awe to this day.

Based on what I remember of her hanger dainty bag I placed a zipper at the bottom of mine to hold items that I wear specifically with certain items. It's a fun nod to yesteryear and makes me think of grandma each time!

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Anonymous said...

This are also great when traveling to hide valuables... if there is no safe in the room.