Saturday, March 20, 2010

A rick rack gift

Thanks for all the continued love when it comes to the Rick Rack Napkin tutorial and perfect placement guide.  I know I am a ninny but it makes me so happy when you guys like somthing!

  I guess I have Rick Rack on the brain because I just finished these faux rick rack coasters to go with my napkins! These are quick to make and really cute and clever with the way the thread shading makes it look like real rick rack!  And even better... I am sending them out free to everyone who has ordered the Rick Rack Napkin Tutorial! 

Since my email server will only let me send 10 emails with attachments at a time and per hour ( got to love spam saftey!) this is going to take a bit of time but I am sending the files out in order that the original files were ordered so just hang tight.   Below is a quick written tutorial on how to make the coasters.

Fast Track to Rick Rack Coasters
Hoop  a piece of stabilizer and your chosen fabric in a 4x4 hoop and run the first step.. this will lay down the base and the RR design. Now taking a piece of fabric that you want for the back and a piece of flannel  lay then face down in the hoop with the flannel on top and the fashion fabric face down "kissing" the fabric in the hoop.  Now run the last step which will sew a secure square with an opening.  When done remove the fabric from the hoop and trim close with pinking shears. Turn right side out and give it a firm pressing with a nice shot of steam to boot.  Now slip stitch the opening.. you are now done!.. easy huh???

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Cookie said...

These Rick Rack Coasters of yours are way too adorable... and such precision...

Okay, I have been held prisoner by the sewing industry (happily so) however this is my first day back on line in three weeks... Share once again how to get on that list! "Le Cook"