Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here in the Fresh Thread Household we are all about the crafts.. sewing, embroidery, clay, name it and we love it. Alas we don't always have time to do as much as we would like but do try to fit at least some drawing each day. 

Today was a good day, I got plans for a new class at a local sewing shop written up so there was time to play with the ideas from a new book on making wonderful little needle felted animals.  How adorable are these?  Sam (8) made the bunny, Greg (11) made he penguine ( I promise he has eyes and a break..they are also black so I could not get them to show up!) and I (age undisclosed) made the oinker.

If you are interested in needle felting but would like to ease into it with grace I highly reccomend the kits from Wool Pets.  The above creatures are not from her kits since I am personally overrun with colored wool roving but her kits are something to swoon for... just right as an intrduction to the art.  My over the moon favorite is the Sleepy Sheep which I made a couple of years ago when I first got into this relaxing little hobby.

My sons have both done a couple of  differnt wool projects but as a rule this is a craft for adults or children who are very good and careful since the barbed needle that is used can be a real weapon when stabbed into the hand.  But for careful thoughtful children who have a degree of dexterity this can be a wondeful hobby in that it's  neat, quite and does not take up much space.  All of our supplies are in a single hat box.. including the roving!

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