Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling the Love.. for Rick Rack!

Dang! I had no idea there were so many RickRack lovers out there!.. I can't wait to see the fun napkins you all turn out. I have heard tell of a lot of vintage rickrack being pulled out and being pressed into service after long waits in notion stashes around the country. I feel honored!
A couple of years ago I scored the mother load of vintage rick rack.. it had obviously belonged to a little old lady who loved to sew and possibly had an addiction to buying sewing notions. There were packages that were wrapped in paper that had 5cents printed on them!.. There was way cool 1960's trim in colors that only the 60's could have given us and then some regrettable 1980's rick rack with metallic threads in it that I am not sure I will ever use! All in all it was 50+ packages of rickrack plus cording, buttons and a few mystery sewing notions all for the most reasonable price of $2! ( and yes I squeeled like a school girl, hugged the bag to my chest and did a little dance... but I am silly like that!)

I have had the best time with the stuff.. but my supply is dwindling and I cruise ebay like an addict looking for a fix and scope out all local thrift shops still hoping for another such score.. but perhaps it's was just a once in a sewing life time sort of thing.

If you want to use some of your vintage stash or would like to put some bright and cheery new rick rack on your own napkins do feel free to pop by and check out my new tutorial and embroidery positioning guide in the shop

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Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

Ooooo Rick Rack! Not sure I have any left but it would go so well with my vintage pillow case fabrics.