Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Luggage Fob Freebie

With Spring and Summer travel right around the corner who do you know that could use a little help identifying their luggage at the airport?  This little tag is fast and it's free! It uses just the smallest amout of scrap fabric and stitches up in a jiffy.

You can find the free file

And the instructions go like this:
Gather your 4 inch hoop, 2 sheets of HEAVY cut away stabilizer and some nifty scrap fabric

Hoop up the two layers of stabilizer and  1 piece of the fabric and run the first step of the file. It will sew out MINE!

Next, laydown another piece of super cute fabric.. but put it FACE DOWN in the hoop. Now run the outline step in a color to match your fabric.

Pop the whole thing out of the hoop and trim with pinking shears

Turn the whole thing right side out, using a blunt tool ( I use a long paint brush) to gently push out the corners. give it a good pressing and then top stitch using a 1/4 foot. Now punch a hole and set a grommet ( for this I use my Crop a Dile Big Bite )  Thread on some ribbon... how easy was that!  now go make another one! :)


Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

So much better than those obnoxious ribbons I tie on my luggage to make it identifiable
Thank you!

socialsue said...

This is a wonderful idea! I might try cross stitching onto fabric and go from there as I am not an expert on the sewing machine yet.