Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little House Keeping

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in the Fast Frames they are now sold.

PLEASE NOTE!... after an all out tear through my studio I found the other two hoops!  This is now a complete 7 in 1 x-change set!
as seen here  on the Fast Frames site
Due to family obligations and health issues I am no longer going to be doing client work ( no worries.. I am still going to be doing design work!)  but since my pledge for the new year is to get rid of what I don't use it's time for my Fast Frames to find a new home! 

I had thought that I had the 7 piece system.. but for the life of me these are the pieces I can find  so this is what I am going to put up for sale. 

This is the arm frame with 7 frames that lock onto it that I have used on my PR620 machine. This set has had VERY light use but some of the hoops are marked for center with Sharpie marker.  I no longer have the instructions but you can get them at the FF website.

Asking price $225 OBO + shipping
Got an offer?... send it my way!

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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