Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tippy tip tip and a treat!

Sorry that I have missed the boat for the last couple of weeks when it's comes to offering tips..but here I am pleading for your forgiveness and offering up a tip  and a treat to say I am sorry. ... This little tip takes nothing more than a length of pretty ribbon and two brads to keep your scissors close at hand.

Just take your length of ribbon ( mine is 20 ish inches) and fold over the end making a loop.. and then secure this by pushing the brad through the ribbon fabric and securing in typical brad fashion. You now have a loop on one end. Do something similar on the other but put the loop around one of the finger holes on the scissors and then secure it. Now figure out where you are want your scissors to stay and use the end up to hook them there... it's that easy! On my old machine pictured above they are hooked to the power cord, on my new machine they are looped over the extra spool pin. Perhaps you would like to hook yours to a drawer handle or other handy place. No matter where you hook it up you can now be sure that your snips will be where you need them!
Now for thre treat.. I have 2 pairs of little scissors complete with leashes  ready to find new homes.  If you would like a chance at one of them please leave your contact information in the comments section below ( click on the word comment to open the window)  I will draw two names this weekend some time!
Good luck!


piepolly said...

What a GREAT idea! I never seem to have my scissors close when I need them. I am going to try and get organized. Thanks for all your tips!

Anonymous said...

A very ORGANIZED GREAT idea. I am always searching for those scissors as well as my reading glasses!

lakberry said...

I do something similar. I have a much longer piece of ribbon thru the finger holes and tied into a loop. I wear it around my neck. It is helpful as I move from machine to machine and I'm not always looking for my scissors. But yours is much cuter!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddie,

Love to read your blog. Get so much information and your tips, designs etc are all great.


Anonymous said...

Love your scissor leash - so springlike and fresh. Though I don't have a Bernina, I enjoy reading your comments -