Friday, February 5, 2010

Moving Right along......

Hello!... I feel like it's been ages since we chatted! Alas that whole being sick/having kidney stones things got a tad more complicated than I would have liked but for now things are ok and I am trying to get back to life as usual.
Of course you know what that means don't you?... yes.. fabric! Well in this case it's actually felt but I think that counts. Felt you say?.. Yes felt. Some of the most wonderful, beautiful stuff you would ever want to see. Now this is not that stuff you find at the craft store ( although it has it's place for some projects).. this is the wonderful felt from Wool Felt Central .

The best buy there is the Wool Felt sampler pack, 78 colors folks... yes.. and all of them a feast for the eyes. They come delivered in a pretty plastic cube that looks like it's been stuffed full of a very fuzzy very wonderful rainbow.

I am using this felt for all sorts of new ideas and best yet I am using the 6x6 sampler size so it' means when I have tons of color options! So if you want to have fun with some of the great new freebies and designs I have coming up in the next few months pop right over to Wool Felt Central, and say hi to Julie when you order yourself one of the wonderful sampler packs!

Check back in the next day or so to see the next holiday freebie that will be using some of this wonderful felt. And in the mean time check out this little felt project that you might just need in a couple days!

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