Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hybrid Happiness

Hybrid cars, hybrid scrapbooking and now hybrid embroidery!
We all know that embroidery machines are wonderful things but at times they can distance us from the satisfaction of  handmade projects. So let's let the machine do what it does best and then we add our talents to the rest!

Join me over the next couple months as I introduce hybrid embroidery projects that take the best of embroidery machine technology and combine it with traditional needle arts to create one of a kind projects that you will be proud to call your own or sell in your craft show booth.

To kick things off I have a small  freebie for you!
Perfect for a small token of your affection the Heart's Desire Pin is the perfect small project to combine machine embroidery and hand stitching for a charming gift that is sure to garner much admiration.

Easy to make a fun to give!


Anonymous said...

Maddie, Thank you for the Hybird Happiness project.


Karen said...

Thanks so much, Maddie, I love work that involves both the machine embroidery and hand work. My particular bent is to do a little beading on top.