Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Tooth...for your little sweetie

Come take a peek at my design board.
This  design came from a sketch I did when working on the art for Toothy-The Little Pillow. It was not quite right for that project but I kept coming back to it and it just made me a smile each time I would find it on my desk ( yes my sketching desk could use a bit of a clean up!) .   Given a bit of time the other day I decided to bring this sweet little tooth to embroidery life and offer it as a free design.  Here I stitched the design on a piece of glittery polar fleece* and then with my regular machine I zigzaged it to the onsie.
 The actual stitch file is just the little tooth and the wording.  
  I can't think of a cuter way  to celebrate baby's first tooth!

This design is equally cute with baby blue stitching so no need to only use it for little girls!

** While not stitch-intensive the white area might make this a bit rough next to baby's skin if embroidered  directly on the onsie, that is why I did it on seperate fabric. Another way to deal with this would be to iron on some style of Cloud Cover to the inside of the onsie after doing  the embroidery to make sure it's soft next to that sweet baby skin.

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