Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to My Studio

Welcome to my studio, I am so glad you have stopped by. I wish I had a bit more time to clean up before you got here but lets be honest... who really believes those shots of those perfectly clean places anyway? With the exception of shooing the cats off the worktable and moving my bottle of Green tea out of the shots these are pretty much the unvarnished truth about my studio. Is it worse at times?..yes, do I like it better when it's neat and tidy.. yes. But the creative muse often strikes at time when I have the choice to either create of clean, I choose to create :)

You will find lots of vintage goods in my studio, flaking paint and rust are beauty to me. Above you can see my vintage canisters (3 of 4) and just a sampling of my ribbon and vintage button collection.
Here is the screen fronted cabinet I use to hold the bulk of my current fabric stash. I sort of took a private pledge that I would contain my stash to this cabinet only after being at a peak overflow of 12 large plastic storage bins. Now mind you I ask that you don't look under my sewing desk or in those pink drawers since you then know all my dirty little secrets.

 A little peek at my worktable and one of my favorite storage things. It holds so much of what I reach for each day. Goodness knows it could be a lot neater but it gets the job done!

 Here you can see my serger ( up front).. the Baby ( Bernina 830) and my workhorse there in the back ( Brother pr620 6needle)  and it seems a power drill and a large cup of tea from Sam's. This table is 6 feet wide by 4 feet deep and at cutting height.  I use a drafting chair and a raised platform for the pedal of my machine.  The surface is butcher block counter top from Ikea.

On the other side of the room you will find my wrapping station. This is where I keep all my items for packaging items that I sell or give as gifts. It's chock full of cool tissue, ribbons, special boxes and what not. The cabinet is actually a kitchen unit from England with a drop down front for fixing a sandwich!

Here is one of my favorite items.. it's a vintage baby  baby scale.. Just think of all the sweet chubby babies who were weighed on this over the years! It was a very happy thrift store score.. I think I might have actually squeeled and wet my pants in excitment  then danced around holding it.. but since there is no video proof I am  not saying anything!  The scale is resting on an old metal cabinet from a very old medical practise.. I did the front door of it in a patch work of my favorite scrapbooking papers. It makes me happy each time I see it. .. to the right you can just a catch a glimps of my jewlery making bench.

And last but not least my very messy set of built ins... oh how these need a good going over.. and when I do I promise to let you see how they come out! :)

So there you go.. a small trip around my studio.. I hope you enjoyed it and come back again to see me real soon!


Robyn @ Coffee & Cotton said...

Wow! So brave. I do not dare show my sewing room after the holiday and cycling hat biz sewing fest. Oy!. Yours is beautiful!

Robyn @ Coffee & Cotton said...

Question....what is the IKEA block sitting on? Did you attach legs?

Maddie said...


The Ikea counter top is sitting on 2 kitchen cabinet bottoms. I never could find legs that I thought were safe enough and supportive enough for the "baby" I fashioned my set up on the idea of the DUAL Mate Koala cabinet which is my dream but sooooo expensive.. so far this flaoting set up has worked very well!