Friday, January 8, 2010

Plays with Paper

While it might be cold as all get out right now I can feel Spring just around the corner. Today's mail brought the first of what I hope to be many seed and gardening catalogs. No matter that the mail was lightly dusted with snow, I can feel Spring heading this way.  With that in mind I have designed a new hang tag for those of you who are using Lovies as part of your craft show line up. This design is as fresh as Spring and just perfect for Valentine Lovies too!

These cards come 8 to sheet in PDF format. I suggest cutting them  apart and then using a corner clipper to add a nice rounded edge. After that punch a hole and add a ribbon loop.
Remember, these tags are created as to/from cards with the hope that your customer will want to use them in that way. Your job is to put your information on the back of the tag ( create a sticker) this way your information gets seen by an even larger audience.

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