Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taking a peek inside my Bernina

 For those that have been plagued with stitch issues with their Bernina 830 it's a good day when things go right. These are amazing machines but they do need more dedication than other " sew & go" types of machines. 
In this photo ( click on photo to make it larger)  you can see the view of the underside of my bobbin case and the 2 prong brass stitch finger that at times can be very hard to get the thread seated in. This can be a huge cause of problems according to my Bernina tech. In the photo you can see that my thread is firmly in the fingers and also through the tension guide for the embroidery setting.  ( You can also see the fuzz in my bobbin case... get that stuff out of there!)

One thing you will also notice is how much easier it is to see that whole area  by using a bigger better mirror!.. It was also much easier to do things having two hands and not having to use that dinky little dental style mirror that they send with the machine!

This type of mirror can be hard to find but I have a secret source.. my sons!  . They have a small business where they make event buttons, promo mirrors and the like. So they made me this swell mirror to use with my machine.  I mentioned it to another 830 owner and she wanted one right away so I thought maybe you would too! 

 The boys have made up a bunch in assorted vintage and non-vintage papers and they are all super cute! I have put them up for sale in my shop  so if you want/need  one of these handy little gems skip on over there and order one! :)

The SHOP the currently down for updating .. if you need to order some mirrors please drop us a line at and we will get you all fixed up! 

And yes... we are taking wholesale orders, just drop me a note for pricing and quantity requirements.

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