Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sneak Attack

For less than a fancy card that will end up in the recycle bin in a week you can surprise someone you care about with a " sneak-attack" of love. I have big plans this year and have lots of hearts ready for more banners to make for those who are special to me. ( Luckily for me none of them do embroidery so they will not see this!) This is a fast project since each heart takes less than 5 minutes to sew out and there are no color changes!

But maybe you are REALLLLLLY short of time.. just make a single heart, put it on a pretty ribbon loop and then hang it on a door knob where someone you know will find it. Even better, sneak over to the house of an older person in your neighborhood.. and leave them a little love.

If you have a bunch of little people in your house, have a Valentine's Heart Hunt. Make up a bunch of the hearts but don't punch them or string them up, just hide them here and there and make sure to have treats to give out when the hearts are found! Little children love this!

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