Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tip of the week...

I bet you thought I forgot!
Have no fear, I might be running a bit late but I have not forgotten!

Today's tip has to do with keeping track of ribbon.

I have a lot of ribbon, both new and vintage, very thin and very thick. Keeping up with it and keeping it in good shape can be hard. Even more important there are some ribbons I need to keep to use as monogram strips to go on custom dog collars and leashes and I want to keep that seperate from the other ribbon.

Of course your ribbon that is still on the spool is quite easy to deal with and there are multiple products on the market to deal with keeping it in line. But when you have odd lengths off the spool that is when things tend to get a bit messy.
But never fear!.. your solution is no further away than your office drawer! Simple bulldog clips make a great way to clip shorter lengths of ribbon together and then hang them up in a tidy way. I like to separate my satins from my grosgrains, my leash and collar ribbons from my crafting supply of ribbon but you could also divide  by color or width, it's up to you!
Easy huh?

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