Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Pleasures of Packaging

I love to package items... it's possibly some sort of little known illness that makes me start thinking of how to wrap a gift before I even make the gift! My go to supplier for wonderful containers and bags is of course the wonder-folks at GARNISH

That is where I got these ADRORABLE little wax bags.  I have been using my stash of these since last year when I bought them for another project and the last few are being pressed into service as favors that I am  giving out at the sewing class I am teaching this coming Friday.

In the bag are these totaly cute but also very useful little tape measures that I sell for use with the Tiny Tapemeasure Designs  but this time I have taken them and printed out stickers with the sewing group logo on them!

This idea makes a super little party favor or gifty for a sewing friend. 

 If you would like to do something similar here is how.

Locate  some cute little tape measures ( mine is 2 inches) and then head to the craft store to find the perfect theme  sticker that wil fit on the flat side of the plastic casing ( or make custom ones like I did if you know your way around photoshop!).   Apply the sticker and then get ready to package. 

  As I said I used these great little wax bags from GARNISH and I encourage you to check those out... very reasonable prices and great service! ( mine are the medium sized bags)   Put your tapemeasure in the bag and then fold down the top and  then zigzag on a piece of cute ribbon that will go with the's that simple. 
Cute, creative and easy..what more could you want?

P.s. Thanks for all the ~love~ sent my way in response to the medical stuff.. still getting that all sorted out but feeling all those warm fuzzies sure has been great!

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