Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shop till you drop!

I will admit it .. I am a total rookey when it comes to shopping... no power shopper am I but things had gotten pretty desperate on the wardrobe front around here so today I headed out to get some new clothes.. but of course as I shopped I had to take notice of Spring Embroidery that I saw. 

 Today took me to, J Jill, Coldwater Creek and SteinMart.  It might be early in the season but for these stores there was not a ton of embroidery to be seen, but what there was ...  was very nice.  I saw a wonderful jacket at CWC that was natural linen with a tone on tone design.. it was great but not a shade that looks good on me... it had a very classic but slouchy " Out of Africa" feel to it..nice.

No embroidery  in JJill... but I did find a great dress so does that count???

In Stein Mart there was more to be had.. and it was graphic.. no. not GRAPHIC ( as in ..sheild your eye's Martha!).. it was circles, and interlocking squares.. some squiggles and some nice flourish like details in a heavy satin stitch that were very eye catching.  Lots of embroidery on linen and some nice detail on  jeans and jean jackets.  

As for what I came home with.. 3 dresses, two pairs of spring capri length Kakis, various shirts, 3 jackets , uhhhhhhh "some" shoes, a few scarves and aching feet from shopping for 5 hours!  Oddly enough none of my items had embroidery on them but two of the jackets are just crying out for something.. so I guess I had better get into the studio and see what I can come up with! :)

What are you embroidering for your Spring wardrobe???

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