Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As promised.. The Ruler Roost Tutorial

Well that took a little longer than I thought  (sick child) but here it is.. a quick and sassy tutorial on how to make a Ruler or Notions Roost.

First off - you will need,
 2 sheets of Easy Felt ( a stiff sort of craft felt found in hobby stores) 
 2 fat quarters of fabric or other scrap fabric you have around.
1 can basting spray adhesive like 505

To start.. use basting spray to hold both sheets of felt together. Then spray the front of the felt and smooth on your piece of fabric that you want for the background

(sorry for the awful photo, night time + camera = potluck photography)

After fabric is adheared to the front flip it all over and trim to about 1 inch all around

After trimming use the spray adhesive to fold the extra 1 inch  onto the back, smoothing into place.

Flip back over ( right side up) and position the first pocket using a piece of fabric from the second fat quarter.. fold over the fabric for a nice clean top edge, pin this in place in the front. Ok.. I know you are asking.. " Maddie, what size?", well it's up to you.. do you need it deep to support long rulers?..short for notions and rotary cutters?..yes.. ~wing it~

Use another cut of fabric for another pocket ( iron up a small hem for a clean edge). When both pockets are postioned flip over the  project and use a bit more spray to hold the fabric that you have wrapped around to the back in place.

Now it's time to go to the machine!

From the front using your foot as a guide zigzag around the whole project making sure to secure the pockets with a few extra stitches.  Now is also the time to stitch lines to subdivide the pockets as you need them. NOTE: make them bigger than you think since they are flat they need that room to make up for the depth. I took the opportunity to play with some of my decrotive stitches that are built into my machine.. that was fun.

To hang mine I used two eyelets in the top but you could also sew on a ribbon to hang it or just nail through it with a couple tiny white paneling nails.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial, please drop me a note if you make one.. I would love to see it!  Who knows I might feature it here on the blog!


VickiT said...

This is great. Thank you so much. I do hope your child is doing better. OH do I remember those days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddie, Thanks for the tutorial on the Ruler Roost. Looking forward to getting one made for myself.

Linda Palmer