Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just a Bookstore Crazy, Yes I Am.

I just might be Barnes and Nobel's best customer, in fact if they named a day after me I would not be surprised and neither would my husband or my bank blance.  But really I am quite helpless when it comes to the lure of a great crafting book and my desire to support all those fine people who burn the midnight oil putting them together.

What to do with those odd bits of fabric you have left from projects that rocked but are now done?  Pieces as small as the palm of your hand, but still full of potential. Case in point the super yummy cardi on the front of the book.  Today I made my own version and I am LOVING it.  It was a great project to use up  my Anna Marie Horner Voile   Photos to come tomorrow when I have high hopes that the rain will have gone away and brought sun and fun back to my neighborhood.

Ok.. back to the book.... yep.. go get it.. you will love it and  to show you how much I have a new file I am working on with my inspiration right from the book.  High hopes of getting that and the Ruler Roost tutorial posted by the end of the week... just call me crazy! :)

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