Monday, June 21, 2010

A Total Knit-Wit

Today's post is brought to you by the wonderful world of knit fabric!  Honestly I don't work with knits a lot since they can be a wee bit of a pain at times, but there is no denying their total comfort and easy care so  every once in a while I dive into a knit based project.

This one was super simple and so comfy that I am sitting here wearing it right now!  The fabric is from the ~mystery table~ in the back of Hanncock's fabrics.  I swear I will not look there each time I have to venture forth to buy more stuff ( insert here any one of a million sewing notions you can think of) but each time I hear it's call of potential greatness.  Now mind you most of the time it's a dismal let down piled high with fabrics that you would not even let your cat throw up on, but sometimes you dig up a gem.  This time I found a nice knit of undetermined content ( nope.. have not bothered to do a burn test... it's just a Summer skirt).. so home it came and into the wash it went. 

It came out of the wash welll so next step was something simple and fast that would be great for shopping or hanging out by the pool.    I serged a tube of it up and then took the rest and cut it into strips that then finished with a easy rolled hem ( serger).. but you could do a little zig-zag with a walking foot for the same type of effect.  I then used my ruffling foot ( all hail the ruffling foot.. run right now and get one).. and then stitched the ruffle onto the bottom of the skirt with a raw edge technique. I added an elastic waist with a simple casing ( yes I know that this breaks my no elastic waist vow, but with knits it just about the only real choice and makes for a skirt a bit more forgiving of Summer indulgences!)  and that is about it... very simple and VERY comfortable to wear!

Best part?.. final cost $1.85

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Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Cute skirt and sooo not fair sexy legs!! You look FAH-bulous Dahlin!
Hey...I think I have an "I hate to cut out hexies" solution for you. Come and see :D