Monday, June 28, 2010


Please note..this is a Pg-13 rated sewing post so please be warned :)

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Ok... lots of sewing still going on here in the Fresh thread Studio. Quilt is still being quilted ( will it ever end????) skirts are being made and and tote bags are being t oted...but as usual I got a bee in my bonnet to make some Summer dainties.  You know.. dainties, the not for every day sort of underthings that are mere frippery, for fun and pure enjoyment.  Inspired by the book Sweet Nothings I gave it a go stitching up some Summer fun.

While I wanted to use the pattern in the book, at 10 pm I did not have access to a copier for increasing the pattern by the 600% that they called for so I took a pair of my own and traced a pattern with the thought that I might even get a better fit this way ( I said this to myself as not to head out to Kinko's at 10 pm for enlarging an underware pattern.. ever been to Kinko's at night?... if so you know why I would not want to be there!)

So I did a quick pattern trace and then dug through my fabrics with a notion that I had a cute knit in stock and did find just what I was looking for! ( This never fails to thrill me as to have a stash big enough to " shop" from at 10pm when the sewing but strikes!)

The resulting panties came out great and I even then went on to make a tank-style cami to make a complete night set!

The fabric is a very soft knit cotton with a tiny flower print. The elastic on the legs is just standard issue lingre elastic with the sweet little looped edge. The top elastic is stretch lace.

This is just a little peek at the back with the ribbon detail and more of the stretch lace. From start to finish these took about an hour and if I can find more knit fabric I think I will make another pair. I want to try out some other special elastics so am poking around here at Sew Sassy to see about some colored elastics and other notions that might be fun to use.

What do you think... are you will to show your dainties in public??

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