Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Stitch Kick Off!

One girl, and two hours of crafting and sewing. 

 It really is amazing what you can do when you get in there with the intention of busting through a few projects!  As proof I give you block number 26 of the needed 30 blocks in my soon to be new master bedroom quilt.  The pattern is complex looking but deadly easy Wonky Logcabin block that will be set with white sashing and then a strip pieced border.  With a little luck I will knock out the last block tomorrow afternoon since I only got 2 done today, since before that I was doing this...

My quilting ruler collection as been growing by leaps and bounds these days with no good way to store them.  I searched the interent for ideas but most of them were table top solutions and that was something I am short of so did not want to give any of it up to storing my unruly ruler collection!  This was a quick to sew project and if i get some requests I will do a quick tutorial for it. But basically it's 2 layers of stiff craft felt encased in some of my favorite vintage sheeting that I layered into pockets just right for keeping my rulers close by but out of the way!  I like it so much I think I will make a second one of these to hold all my rotary cutters

And as a parting project I put the last touches of my Crafty-Girl Corkboard

This was a re-use/recycle project for a very dated but still serviceable corkboard that I had hanging around but did not want to use since it was struck with a rather large case of the uglies!

I knew I wanted a modern feel  since it was going to go in my studio and more than that I wanted a really quick project so I used  some heavy duty spray glue and coated the board and then laid on some random pieces from a partially used charm pack. I then took a page from the new slice and dice quilt blocks that you can see all over blogdome and bisected the area with some cute ribbon ( used stick glue on the back of that).  I edged it out in the ribbon and bam!.. I was done and it's now hanging in my studio holding little bits of quilty inspiration!

Day1 is done! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Maddie - you accomplished a lot in your two hours. Wish I could have had two hours in my sewing room today. Would love to see a tutorial on the ruler caddy.


Robyn - Coffee and Cotton said...

Ok I gotta make a ruler caddy like yours. I just copied the idea. Heh... You know where I live. It is sooooo cute! My poor rulers just hang naked on the wall. This will make them happy. YAY for you and your 2hr accomplishment.

VickiT said...

You did a great job. And you are SO right about the convincing yourself to just do it. I sit here daily wanting to do so many projects and yet I can't pull myself off this computer. WHY? I need to just shut this thing off or hope for a crash so I must find other stuff to do. LOL Shhhhhh no! I did not just wish for a crash. Oh geez, what have I wished upon myself? *faint* LOL

Anyway, I would love to see a tutorial for the ruler organizer that you've done. Please?

Anonymous said...

Just love the idea of having all the rulers together!!! Would love a tutorial on your ruler caddy.
thanks, Cathy