Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bernina boo-boo- walking foot guide problem.

It seems that on some of the new Bernina 830 machines that the dual feed gets in the way of the bracket on the walking foot that you would use to keep metered spacing between your rows.  My personal machine is plagued with this bothersome feature and I know of others in the same boat.  there are other who are able to use their guides with no problem.

For those with the problem it looks something like this.
Can you see how the downward prongs on the dual feed are hitting my bracket on my guide bar?.. this interferes with me lifting the foot all the way on the cone and locking it in place..

Same here
knocking again ~sigh~

With the dual feed foot lifted up out of the way you can see how my walking foot it not even centred on those prongs..

Totally wack-a-doo.. the bracket will not fit on....

but I am not a woman easily daunted.. I am a woman who wanted to use her guide for some channel quilting!

Thus a trip to my hardware store brought me delight!
( I will take a moment here to praise the small town hardware store where they guy there is willing.. neigh happy to drag you all over the store looking for ways to solve your problem...thanks ROY!)

My Solution

Rubber vacuum tubing and nylon washers... not exactly pretty but it works like a charm!

I purchased tubing that was a snug but not an impossible fit on the rod as well as matching  nylon washers. I cut the tubing to size for the gap I wanted to have between rows and slipped it on the guide arm.. slide the guide through and then slid on the washer to hold it snug.  It works like a  charm!

I am putting together a few kits for those who might have the same problem.
The teeny-tiny fix it kit will contain
1 small length of tubing enough to cut a couple of buffers
6 washers, 3 nylon, 3 rubber
and instructions

I will send them out via the post office and the kit cost will be $5, including shipping.
If you need one ( if your guide works you do not need one!)
Just drop me a line at
and I will send you a Pay-Pal invoice and then get the little kit into the mail this week!

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