Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finally a Freebie!!!!

Well that took WAY longer than I ever dreamed...  you yadda
BUT!.. I think you are really going to like this.

Enjoy a totally modern take on machine embroidery with this new design. Just right for an accent pillow or as a free-hearted touch on the back of a jean jacket! Sized for the larger 7x11 hoop this file stitches out quickly but is greatly enhanced by the careful addition of hand done running stitches to echo the machine work. This simple addition raises the bar on the project from a simple embroidery to something you are going to want to really show off. After stitching simply use DMC pearl cotton to add simple running stitches to accent the tree and the swish. If you desire also add a small eye to the bird, it’s just that simple!
The sample shown was stitched on pre quilted fabric for a fast project but don’t be afraid to use this design on other fabrics. I think it would look wonderful on a dark denim!

This design is yours free for the next week. Enjoy! 

You can download the design here!   CLICK HERE

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Maddie - can't wait to stitch it out.

Linda Palmer