Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finding inspiration

There are days when I would not be surprised if my head just exploded with all the inspiration I see around me each day! So many ideas and so little time to get them on the fabric!

Today I was looking at this sweet piece of Fabric

It's part of the Farmdale collection by Alexander Henry and it just SCREAMS  Fall, but in a fresh/retro way that steals my heart.  It reminds of a some fabric in the depths of my childhood.. very cool!

From that...
I did this!

This one was just a test but I was quite charmed by it and think  I will get it posted up here for everyone to enjoy very soon.

What do you think... do you like it??

I am still refining the technique  since I don't want to see the cross hatch color running on the edges.. of course this effect is easy to pull off in print ( see fabric sample above)  and more more complex when it comes to fabric! :)

I am thinking of doing it on some new Fall grocery


Beautiful Seams said...

I like it Maddie very cute and it brings "Fall" into the air which is very nice!!

Sherry said...

way way way cute!

KTMae said...

Nice reinvention of the fabric. They would be really great on grocery bags.