Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Midwest Modern with eyelets!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fussy sort of person, I might have some vintage doilies but they are not sitting on my chair backs they are appliqued to my jeans and my life is pretty casual. So when pondering the eyelet kit that is a possible accessory for my Bernina 830 I had a hard time of thinking of a lot of uses for it in my life. After all I am not doing any heirloom sewing right now and I am not the "dainty nightie" sort of gal.  ( This of course begs many questions but we are just NOT going there!)

But..but.... it's SOOOOO cool and it makes BEAUTIUL full- lush eyelets..but then I was not in need of a lot of full-lush eyelets but something did start brewing in my head.  As I saw the circles for what they were.. design opportunity! In my head they were the large fluffy top of Spring Alliums.. those huge purple ball flowers that look like they were created by dr Suess???  Bold lines, interesting shape.. circles.. potential.  So I started sketching.. and came up with idea. 

Using the eyelets in a loose casual way  I was able to achieve a modern clean look that works perfectly on a t-shirt  to wear with jeans.

Please note that I had to do some fast working with these eyelets to get them to NOT be full and lush.. I wanted to be true to the look of a wind-blown plant, scraggly and  a bit disheveled but still beautiful in the way only nature can get away with!

The stem and  star burst area of this design are run in the embroidery machine and then then eyelets are added using the Bernina Eyelet kit ( #82/92)

If you would be interested in doing this yourself please drop me a note here on the blog and I will see about getting it posted up to share!

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Anonymous said...

Maddie, that looks very spiffy! I think you were very brave to try it on a knit! Thanks for showing us this fun look! Lillian