Monday, August 24, 2009

From the question bag....

Maddie, where do you get wool felt from your Tiny Tape Measures, all I can find at my local fabric store is Acrylic felt.. will that work? Signed, Feeling sheepish in the city
Dear Feeling Sheepish,
While the Tiny Tape measure collection will run on acrylic felt just fine the problem comes into play when you are trying to sew them up.. the acrylic felt is just not strong enough to hold a stitch very well in this case. I personally also rather like the feel of the wool felt not to mention the stunning colors. Of course it's not as easy to find unless you happen to know about Wool Felt Central. Julie over at WFC is a lady who knows her felt and has the colors to back it up. Check out the sample pack... 78 swoon worthy colors in 6x6 size for only $24!!!! BTW.. the Tiny Tape Measure collection was designed to use the WFC 6x6 squares to the maximum advantage and at less than a buck a square it makes making and giving the Tiny Tape Measures very easy! Hope that helps!

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