Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tiny Tape Measure Giveaway!

This week has had me hopping but I took some time to stitch out a few Tiny Tape measures as gifts to thank some special people in my life and that got me thinking that I would like to
share some of my good fortune with others and what better way than by doing a giveaway!
So here is the deal... I am going to give away 1 Tiny Tape measure collection complete with 3 Metro Tape measures and enough wool felt to complete three projects. The complete collection contains 5 different tape measure designs and most of them sew out in under 5 minutes. After that all you have to do is a quick whip or blanket stitch to encase the tape measure and you are ready to go!
To enter leave a comment on this post and please leave contact information so I can get in touch with you if you win!! Feel free to enter even if you already own the collection since I am sure you will enjoy the wool felt and tape measures anyway!
Let the entering begin! The drawing for the winner will be on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Maddie,I love them. I haven't seen them before. If I do not win where can I buy them?? (but of course I will wait to see if I am the lucky one) they are sooooo cute and will make great gifts for my sewing the way I love your introduction of yourself. I am also a mother of 5 and GM to 4

Anonymous said...

I love them also. Such cuties. I have both of you beat, I'm the Grandma to 11.

Ann said...

I love them. When are they going on sale? Read where you chatted about your too love him and miss him. I also miss my mom so much.


Sher said...

This is the first time I have been to your site and love the little tape measure cover. I hope I can buy them if I don't win. But of course, I hope I win!


Diane said...

This is my first time to your site, and I know I am too late for your drawing, but I was wondering if you are selling this project? This would be such a cute gift for my daughter, granddaughters and nieces for christmas. You have a wonderful site here. And some beautiful designs and project ideas.