Monday, August 31, 2009

Mad For Plaid

Years ago when I was first designing I created an alpha file called Mad For Plaid and while it was not the first plaid alpha it was the first affordable one with all the features of the big-boys. It was quite popular and I can thank that collection for paying for my child's extensive dental work!
But time has marched on an many new plaid alphas are on the market but just for fun I created this file ( I lost all the originals to water damage from a leak) and have this Halloween design just for my readers. I hope you enjoy it. The file is made to stitch on tight wovens or sweatshirt material. It is an OPEN design so only use a water soluble topper and don't run this design on towels since it will not work worth a flip on terry. I stitched this sample out on some heavy linen and it's going to be the center of a seasonal pillow with raggedy fringe. The file is hosted here Enjoy!


sewwhat45 said...

Thank you for the free designs.

Maddie said...

Thank you Judy... I hope you enjoy it!