Saturday, August 29, 2009

Like the Coblers Children....

Well a bit like the " cobblers children" it seems that this embroider has been shirking her duties when it comes to her own house and embroidery. Not to mention things to embroider on! I am working on a new tutorial and needed some towels to try out out some things only to find that all of my towels look like kids took them to Summer Camp.. I could not find one decent towel in the whole house! I am SO glad we have not had any company drop in. The poor folk would have to dry off with Kleenex!
So the next chore on my list is to go buy towels and relegate the tawdry towels to the garage for messy work and to the pool cabana for use by lazy teens who seem to leave them out there to bake in the sun until the sun has bleached them pale and stiff, leaving them mere shadows of their former selves!
I am thinking of some Fall/Winter colors since soon I will be switching my house over to it's Fall decor and as much as I love the sunny hues in the Spring and Summer they will look a bit off as soon as things get changed up around here. I am looking forward to the autumnal tones and feeling inspired to embroider something organic and fallish. So Fall towels inspire me... what about you?

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