Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shaking some money out of your embroidery machine.

Machine embroidery can be an expensive hobby or maybe you bought your machine with the express thought of making a bit ( or more than a bit) of pocket change with it. Seems easy enough hu?. and yet many people find it hard to get going or even get their foot in the door. Have you tried this yet?
Trendy pet boutiques - take a sample by and let the owner know about what you can do for them, and what they can add to pet sweaters and collars as an easy point of sale add on. Offer to do up a couple samples for them ( on their items of course!) Offer weekly pickup and drop off. It's of no risk to the owner and makes their product more enticing to the customer.
Churches- Many churches are getting very serious about branding their name and logo. Find a church you know, and let them know what you can do.. if you are even more serious get their logo and put it on a hat and drop it off with the church secretary. Leave your business card and a write up with it. (also tuck a card in the sweat band!)
If your kid is in school.. add the school logo to their shirt.. that will get the attention of a lot of parents!
Check out your local homeschooling groups. Many are looking for positive, appropriate ways to celebrate their group.
Think out of the box.. what about your lawn guy? Wouldn't he look spiffy in a polo with his company name on it? Potential is everywhere.. you just need to open your eyes

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