Monday, September 7, 2009

Sketchy is as Sketchy does.

I am thrilled that the Sketchy Collection I is now ready and for sale in my Big Cartel shop. These designs are loose, light-weight and sew like a dream on tissue weight t-shirt fabric (use two layers of wash away for best stitch definition). The image above shows only some of the designs in the collection, the full collection can be viewed here. In the next day or so I will upload a little Sketchy fashion slide show with lots of ideas how you can add sketchy designs in a way that is "trendy-teen" approved. ** Please note, these designs are actually loose sketches, like you would find in an artist notebook. The lines are loose and free, and not meant to be precise, it's a much more organic form of embroidery and I hope you enjoy the freedom of expression in wearing it. **

And like aways a new collection means a celebration and a freebie! This time it's something for the shoe lovers in the crowd. It's high, it's fancy, it's loopy and I think it will look great on a little t-shirt. Show off your love of all things "shoe" with this beauty. I personally think of shoe shopping as my own little economic stimulus package.. so I might as well celebrate it!

You can find the link in the side bar to your right.

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wakenedmoments said...

These designs are as beautiful as the designer!