Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wrap her up!

Packaging can make or break the presentation of even the most well done embroidery order. Off the rack cheaper opaque handled plastic bags or worse no packing at all telegraphs a lack of care for the item being embroidered and a lack of care for the client.

Now of course if you are doing 150 golf shirts you don't necessarily have to individually package them but even if you need to deliver them in boxes care can be taken to how the box looks as it is opened. For large orders the choices are a bit more confined but at the very least adding a piece of appropriate tissue paper to the top adorned with a business sticker or card is a nice touch.

When it comes to small boutique orders the sky can be the limit in an effort to make your client feel special and garner repeat business. The sample above is a single twin pillowcase that I did just today. I used a sparkling clear display bag and then sealed the back flap with one of my seasonal circle seals. This enables the customer to see the embroidery through the front and yet keep the item clean and ready to give as a gift.

Hand towels can be rolled, jelly roll fashions and put in the same bags. Larger towels and single monogram items are put in good quality paper stand up bags to which I add my sticker and a business card hang-tag. To gild the Lily I always add tissue paper that matches the item that was embroidered. Tissue paper is cheap but leads to a festive feeling even if one is picking up something that is not intended to be a gift. I have excellent luck with ordering from ClearBags and at 4-8 cents per bag it's worth going the extra mile!

Of course the cost of packaging cannot be ignored but putting just a bit of extra care in your packaging along with fantastic embroidery and service will put you first on the lips of your clients with it comes to giving a positive recommendation!


Anonymous said...

Great work, I'm going to try this also, the hoodie looks great. Sweatshirts are certainly a mainstay in my wardrobe! Thank you once AGAIN!! Lollie Conn

Anonymous said...

I love your tutorial. In the next one could you please you a different color font, I really struggled to read this, and I really want to know what you said. I feel like I missed alot of the words because I just plainly couldn't see them.
I look forward to what you do next