Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handmade Holiday Goodness

Like many I am doing my best to take back the winter holidays from that of the crass and commercial and make it something more simple and lovely. Perhaps A bit less showy and hopefully a bit less stressful. So in that spirit I have once again taken the Handmade Holiday Pledge. I pledge to make our buy all handmade gifts for the holidays and request that others do the same for me. I know that many others have made the same pledge and for all of us I have created two sheets of printable gift tags that proclaim to the world that you have indeed taken the the Handmade Holiday Pledge and that your gift is part of the movement.

The tag is available in the featured retro blue/green color combination and in a fetching lavender and green. They are yours for the taking. Do remember for these to look their best print them on light weight card stock and use your the photo printing feature on your printer for the best results. The tags print 6 to a sheet and then all you have to do it cut them out and punch a whole for a bit of twine to use as a tie-on.

Please also notice that the general theme of the tags is Winter so they can be used for many different holidays since I did not want to leave anyone out!

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