Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giveaway time! and a note!

Small other note, people seem to be having a hard time finding where to comment.. if you go to the bottom of this post you will see a line that says. ~ Posted by Maddie X comments~. If you click on the word COMMENTS you to can leave a comment! I am trying to figure out how to make that bolder.. but fear messing up the whole blog.. but if you click there for now you can also play along!
Please note, due to the massively good point made by some who have written to me personally that it is the rush-rush holiday season I am showing mercy... just leave your name and addy in the comments and your name will be put in the hat for the drawing for the Cath Kidston kitchen organizer...mind you if you also include a story I might just throw in a little more ~blog~ love for you if you win!

Woo hoo!.. I could not be more thrilled to bring you this fun and easy to stitch collection and better yet to celebrate the new collection with a Cath Kidston Giveaway! So here is the full news, Chef Weights- "the cookbook weight that gives you back your hands in the kitchen" are now on sale in my Big Cartel store. So give a little love to your favorite chef in the form of the easy to stitch out Chef Weights. Chef Weights hold open even the most stubborn cookbook with ease and style. With three different phrases to choose from ( Kiss the cook, Good cooks never lack friends , Bon Appetit!) there is sure to be something just right for every cook on your holiday list.

The Chef Weights stitch out in a 5x7 or large frame and come in PES 6 format that everyone should be able to convert. The weighted filling is polly-pellets that are easy to find and make the

Don't forget like always we have included custom hang-tags made just for the Chef Weights. Print them on mid-weight kraft card stock for an especially charming presentation.

Ok.... now to the giveaway!.. since that is really why you are here anyway huh? So here is the deal... In the top photo you can see that I have a very snazzy Cath Kidston magnetized kitchen notes organizer to give away. I happen to have one of these right on the front of my fridge and it's a fun a colorful addition to my kitchen and I hope that you will love it as much as I do! So.. here is what you have to do to win it! Bwhahahahah..

Starting today I will be taking submissions in the form of comments left on my blog... And you must answer this question... ~What was your most memorable meal?~ and please.. if you leave an anonymous post please leave contact information so if you win I can get in touch with you! This is going to be fast.. I will pick a name on Wednesday night and announce on Thursday Morning! Please also note.. if you win the contest and you live out of the country I will send you a Chef Weights collection via-email instead of the Cath Kidston Kitchen notes since the cost of international postage would not make it worth while to send. Good luck to everyone!    We now have a winner...  Read the post from Thursday to see who is is!


Miss Lady Jan said...

LOL! I thought about all of the lovely, and memorable meals I've had, but then realized the MOST memorable one was the one we talk about to this day - a Chinese lunch where after entering we were met with all kiinds of bugs, (lots of crunchy ones. ewwwwwwww!), creepy crawler things, slimy things, things that croak, and whine, and thins that slither!!!
I ordered sauted spinach!!! LOL They all laughed at me, but hey when the waiter tells you that if you order a snake you have to take ALL of him I knew immediately that I could hear the call to become a vegetarian!! lol lol
Maddie, your designs are darling!!! I have 2 sets on my wish list, and my Bday is around the corner!!! Yea!!!

Maddie said...

Couldn't find the comment section so....Don't use a cup of coffee to hold your receipe book open,,Ask me how I know!!! I remember you way back in Thumper days. Your stories were always so funny. You really have a talent for writing along with your other creative juices

( posted for Dawn by Maddie)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddie:
I debated over which meal was my most memorable. There have been many. But I'd have to say the one I reflect on the most would be the last Christmas dinner that I had at my Grandma's before she passed away. She loved everything about Christmas and although her funds were minimal she always made Christmas special. I miss her most this time of year. My favorite decorations are the ones she passed on to me for the first Christmas after I got married. She was a very special lady!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Jenny Bieniek

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddie,

The Christmas dinner that stands out in my mind is the year when we had pumpkin pie for desert (using my Aunt's favorite receipe) and I forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin mix. Should should have seen the look on everyones face after they took a bite.
Linda Palmer

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog with so many fun ideas!My birthday is FRIDAY what a fun present finding you! My most memorable meal was with my husband,we went out to dinner at a fancy gourmet place and ordered their signature dessert. It was called a chocolate sack for 2. It looked exactly like a paper sack on its side with extra large strawberries and whipped cream spilling out! It's been 20 years and we still talk about how fun that was!