Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Hoop-La

Well.. it's started... it's the week after Halloween and that is when I kick it up into full gear for the coming holidays. So much to do.. but also a desperate desire to make it an enjoyable time with family and friends. To that end, simple gifts are high on my embroidery list.
A quick stop in the Target Hot-Spot netted some great gifting potential! For $1 each, fingerless gloves in sizes for the young.. the fingerless style makes these super easy to embroider and to make it even easier get yourself one of Cookie's Sock Easy Embroidery Helpers I can't say enough about this item, it's not just for socks!.. and with the fingerless style of these gloves.. you can embroider in areas that were not even possible before!
In the bottom of that pile is a pot holder and mitt set.. also from the Target Hot-Spot. Ready for a monogram and perfect for a quick hostess gift!
Check back in very soon for a custom made pillow box design just perfect for little gloves and mittens of all sorts!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Maddie for a great idea for easy Christmas gifts. I went to Cookie's site, watched her videos and had to have the sock easy tool. Thanks for sharing great ideas!