Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letting your fabric do the talking!

Sometimes you just run into a fabric that can do all the talking on it's own.. no need for embroidery ( yes I know.. horrors!).. but of late I have found some of the best pet fabrics to make into Good Dog! Leash Caddy's for some of the favorite pets in my life. Such a quick gift and so appreciated by those who need to walk their dogs in public! And ~how~ cute is this fabric!.... it's by Timeless Treasures but does not seem to be a current offering. But good news they have many other adorable dog fabrics that would be perfect for your own Good Dog!

I have a whole other group of these bags getting ready to go over to the local pet boutique.. they are selling well for pet-lover stocking stuffers!

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kathysews said...

That is adorable. Sometimes you just can't improve on fabric, even with embroidery!