Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Little Something Extra

Ever need a little gift... a trifle.. just a little something to show your thanks or to round out some other gift giving? Well this Little Elf Tie-On Charm might just be the answer. Created for my daughter who keeps losing her USB stick in the bottom of her back pack, this handy little fellow is fun to have around and makes a sweet little something to give as a gift. In fact...he is my gift to you this holiday season!
Use it as a USB charm, or tie it on the zipper of a hoodie. Tie it onto a holiday package or just hang it on the the tree, this little guy is ready to do it all! If you want to sell these or use them as gifts I have included a printable PDF card file as pictured above. And of course instructions are available.. click here~
Have fun with this design and thank you for stopping by!
p.s. is it just me.... or does the camera angle in the bottom shot make the elf look a bit like Jay Leno???


kathysews said...

Adorable, tree ornament, package trim, keychain,I see lots of possibilities. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

The Elf is sooo cute! I can't download him as my software won't take PES, I says
unrecognized. He is a wonderful gift and is appreciated just the same! I am going to try your gift tags though. I am trying to do alot of handmade, but not totally handmade, unfortunately! Thanks so much! Jodi

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, so happy! I went back and tried the PES version 6 and it worked! I now have the Elf to use!
Thanks again so much for the gift!
Now to print off the little card too! J