Monday, November 9, 2009

Sew hectic!

I feel the frantic stampede of the holidays right behind me but did carve out a bit of time to do a little sewing for myself! I am really trying to get to know my new sewing machine and the only real way to do that is to get in their and mess around! So first project was a cover for my new baby. Nothing fancy but I do admit I toyed with the idea of a fully fitted cover.. but since I am trying to get projects done and not get lost in obsessive details I decided on a elastic drawstring end for the embroidery unit and a fitted end for the thread cage end. All and all it all went well and fits my baby just right and meets the need of keeping my kitties out from under the cover where they oh-so love to hide!

For the next project please forgive the wreck that is my studio.. we have just torn out the flooring ( new flooring soon as I can pick it) and are putting in new french doors and curtains... the place looks like it has just been ransacked by sewing pixies! and the photo.. well lets just say that after 5 photography is not in my talents!... but here it is... my second project on my new machine was a 3/4 length wool cape with velvet lined hood. The wool called my name one day while at the fabric store... it's coco colored with deep chocolate roses.. perfect for going out at night! I monogramed the inside of the hood and am now working on a purse to go with it!

In other "Fresh' news... oh boy people!.. I never knew that there was such a need for in-the-hoop coasters.. but I guess with the current Mad-Men style trend something retro like Cocktails at 7 is the perfect gift for a bunch of people on everybody's list!.. I am filling orders as fast as I can and I think everyone will be happy to know that my new website with instant download will be ready pretty soon!.. I know I sure will! So.. all that to say.. please be patient.. I am sending as fast as I can :)

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