Friday, November 27, 2009

Lovies being born every day!

I never fail to be amazed at how fabric effects the way the Lovies look. From sassy to totally sweet the fabric is the key. These Lovie sisters and their babies come in firmly in the sweet category. These were a custom order* and I could not have had a better time making them. They are unstuffed and waiting to go to their new home where they will be sewn up with love and grace and given to a couple of darling girls.

Each mama doll takes just a bit more than 10x10 piece of fabric or 1 layer of a quilting layer cake and the babies can be turned out by the handful from lots of scraps of different fabrics. You can find all the Lovies here ... and if you need one just for the holidays remember that the Christmas Eve Lovie and her babies are on sale now through the end of the month.
* If you are interested in a custom order please feel free to contact me. The above order was made from a favorite dress that had been outgrown by the little girls. Custom orders begin at $50 for a mother /baby pair.
And if you have read down this far... thank you! and for being so sweet you will be first with the scoop!.. Next week we will be having a Holiday/new collection celebration giveaway here at Fresh thread and I want you to not miss out. SO check back over the weekend as I get things set up.. anybody in love with Cath Kidston design will want to be here! :-)

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