Thursday, October 29, 2009

A bit of Halloween Help

Well you can tell it's the 48 hours count down to Halloween here at the Fresh Thread Manor!.. Treats are being made and the finishing touches are being put on costumes for not one but two parties this year! For both parties we are taking pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese icing.. and although totally delish they needed a bit more seasonal sparkle.. so I created this graphic from a vintage card in my collection and a new file to make a whole batch of cupcake charms and I am sharing them with you!

What!.. you don't know what a Cupcake Charm is?... ~ falls over in a dead faint~ My dears.. it's one of the cutest vintage ways to make your cupcakes the hit of the party. Just print off the PDF File I have created for you!.. and then cut out the image ( keeping both circles together and the a big figure 8).. then fold it in half and secure a toothpick inside( between the layers). using a bit of glue or double stick tape. Now poke it into the top of a yummy cupcake or on the appetizer platter of your adult Halloween party! Easy huh? P.s. use card stock and your best print setting!

So now you are ready with you food.. but are you heading off to the party without a hostess gift? ~ for shame~.. Do something quick and easy.. Make a small batch of Halloween Chapflaps.. all you need to have on hand is a bit of felt of spooky fabric.. it's very easy and the pattern will be retired come the strike of midnight on the 31st so get yours now!

The Boo-Lovie bandit will also be gone as of the 31st, so if you want her you had better get her now! :)

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