Monday, October 26, 2009

Lovie Sale

It's a busy time here in the Fresh Thread studio.. new ideas for the store and holiday sewing is in full swing... I nearly fell over when looking at the calendar and seeing how few stitching days there are till the holidays!
For quite a few little girls in my life I will be making holiday Lovies.. there are so many festive holiday fabrics out there it's no trouble finding just the right one for each child. I even found an adorable Hanukkah fabric that is going to steal the heart of one not-so-little girl that I know!

So with holiday sewing in mind the Lovies are going to be on sale for the week. So if you have any sweet little girls in your life feel free to take advantage of this sale and get ahead of the holiday curve!

In other news my new 830 and I are getting acquainted... wow, she is some gal.. I suspect that it's going to take me quite a while to find out all she can do! My jumbo hoop should come in next week and I am set up and ready to play. Due to the size of this machine I had to modify where this machine was going to go. Given the clearance needed by the jumbo hoop I had to clear way more space than I first thought. But I think I am in the groove now.. Still waiting on flooring for my studio.. almost to the point of thinking of the subfloor as the real deal!

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