Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For a limited time...

I admit it.. I am helpless in my love for Halloween, when else can you enjoy a holiday just for the pure fun of it! So in the spirit of the season may I introduce you to the newest Lovie of the group.. Boo-Lovie is a very limited time offering just in time for a bit playful gift giving. ( click on photo for up close detail)
Sew her up and give her to any pre-teen who is getting too old for trick or treating but not to old for a little bit of fun. The pocket is sized just right for a gift card or even a bit of cold hard cash for a little trip to the mall!
Add a card to the local coffee shop and this would make a "frightfully sweet" gift for an office mate.
Until the 15th of the month this file is especially priced at $4 after that the price will rise. And after the 31st it's gone only to be seen again in the New Year in a Holiday Lovies collection I have planned. Visit FRESH THREAD STORE for more details!

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